Cute & Simple Mascots

This projects represents a collection of my cute and simple mascots / characters. I really enjoy this style and I hope I will create many more of this. This style is based on a bold outline, flat and few colors. You can see mostly animals like; wolf, dog, black bear, polar bear, humming bird, owl, red panda, hippo, rhino, otter, lion, fennec fox, but also others like; fluffy monster, dragon.

1 wolfy
2 bear
humming bird logo
owl logo
rhino logo
polar bear logo
7 greeny
8 shepherd
9 shoppy
zebra logo
dragon logo
dog logo
hippo logo
koala logo
15 monster pony
16 otter
17 fennec
18 puff n chill
19 puffy
20 blueleo
21 hopi
round 1
round 2
round 3
round 4

See project on Behance.